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License Management Solution for
Virtual Network Function Deployments

Hillstone License Management System (LMS)

Options for Public Network and Private Networks

Hillstone License Management System (LMS) is a dedicated license management solution for virtual network function deployment such as Hillstone CloudEdge and virtual ADC. The LMS solution breaks the limitation of existing appliance-based license management solutions and provides cloud service providers (CSPs) a more flexible, efficient and automatic solution to centrally manage license for the virtual appliances deployed inside their cloud, no matter the deployment scenario or environment.

The Hillstone LMS solution offers two options for different customers and scenarios: the public network internet authorization solution, and the private network local authorization solution.

Hillstone LMS Options

Public Network License Management Solution

For public or private cloud customers who have public network access, the internet-based license management solution is an ideal option. By uploading the license through the license management interface, the customer is instantly authorized from the Hillstone License Authentication Server and given a valid license.


Core Features and Advantages of the Public Network LMS Solution
  • No management devices or initial configuration needed
  • Instant authentication and authorization
  • License is independent of the VNF
  • Supports VNF reinstallation and migration

Private Network License Management Solution

For private cloud customers who have no public network access, or have large scale deployments and need a dedicated license management solution, Hillstone provides both physical and virtual LMS solution which offers more comprehensive license management functions, including license distribution, recycle and management, among others.

Core Features of the Local LMS Solution

License Management—LMS can configure license authorization policy globally. It can automatically distribute licenses to virtual appliances, and recycle the license and distribute to other active virtual appliances if a virtual device is shutdown or deleted, achieving dynamic license allocation. Hillstone LMS also provide pay-as-you-go licensing which enable flexible billing model and life-cycle management of VNFs.

Signature Update—Each virtual instance has multiple security features that need regular signature updates to ensure consistent and effective operations. For instances deployed on the intranet without internet access, Hillstone LMS acts as the signature update server, updating signatures for each instance.

Log and Statistic—LMS records abundant log data, providing sufficient information for network administrators. Log data accelerates troubleshooting times and can be fed into third party systems. LMS also provides license usage stats over a period, which is convenient for pricing and payment based on usages.

Rest API—Hillstone LMS supports REST APIs, which integrate with third party Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). The CSPs can leverage Hillstone LMS to oversee the lifecycle management of VNF modules (Hillstone CloudEdge and virtual ADC) in order to improve resource efficiency and reduce overhead. Advantages of Local LMS Solution.

Quick Delivery and Instant Authentication—The customer can get the license file from the Hillstone team quickly, and it takes only seconds for the customer to import and activate the license through LMS.

 Flexible License Distribution and Authorization—The customer can distribute the license based on the user’s schedules and usages; the license can be activated anytime with the network connection between the LMS and the virtual appliance.

Ease of Use and Configuration—Dedicated web management interface enables customers to manage and configure licenses easily. The license can be activated when the virtual appliance is started, rebooted or migrated automatically, without the need for any configuration or administrative intervention.

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