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On February 7, 2016, – on the eve of the Chinese New Year – 420 million global users of WeChat, China’s top messaging and calling app developed by Tencent, were sending and receiving “lucky money” using Wechat’s Red Packets service. “Lucky money” is the gift exchanged by family and friends during the New Year celebration. What many don’t know is that Hillstone Networks played a critical role in ensuring the protection and security of these exchanges and preventing cyberattacks and breaches during this celebratory time.

The tradition of sending physical, cash-filled red envelopes on Chinese New Year has moved to the digital world, with many people using WeChat to send small amounts of money to friends for best wishes.

Tencent recently released an analysis of the exchange statistics:

  • On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the total amount of red packets (sent and received) reached 8.08 billion.
  • At its peak, 00:06:09 am, 0.4 million red packets were sent and received in one single second.
  • From 5pm to midnight, people in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou spent an average of 120.8 minutes on WeChat, celebrating the New Year.

To promote a great user experience and deliver a seamless user interaction, WeChat had collaborated with multiple teams and vendors, including IDC, Operations & Management, etc. Hillstone, and other key network security companies such as Cisco, Juniper, and ZTE, etc. had inspected the device to prevent potential operational risks.

On the eve of the celebrations, Hillstone and supporting teams had professional experts onsite at WeChat. For those celebrating the Year of the Monkey, sending “lucky money” has never been easier and more secure than with Hillstone Networks.

Hillstone is more than happy to have your back and ensure happiness and prosperity for you!

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