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If you listened to the episode of 60 Minutes on CBS on October 5, 2014, you would have heard Director of FBI, James Comey, state “there are two types of companies: those that know they have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet.”

No one is immune to security breaches and today’s headlines underscores how rampant these breaches have become. Watch this video and learn:

  • Why you need to re-think your security
  • What you can do to mitigate a breach
  • Why statistical clustering offers the best approach to malware detection

Hillstone Adds Botnet C&C Prevention to StoneOS

Vulnerability Notification: Microsoft Windows Shell Zip File Remote Code Execution

Vulnerability Notification: Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Webvpn XML Parser Double Free

Announcing Enhancements to Hillstone Networks CloudView

Announcing the Hillstone Server Breach Detection System 2.1

Vulnerability Notification: Adobe ColdFusion Deserialization

Vulnerability Notification: Oracle WebLogic Server XmlAdapter Deserialization

Statement on Vulnerability: Hillstone Networks does not use Intel Processors in its NGFW

Hillstone Responds to Bad Rabbit Ransomware